6 Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

If you have teeth that are missing, you will want to get these replaced for better dental health. Regardless of the reason for your lost teeth, it's important to have these restored. Doing so can eliminate other problems with your existing teeth. Knowing some of the specific benefits of getting dental implants may motivate you to do so . Benefit #1: Reserve natural teeth Dental implants may be a better option than a dental bridge because this dental process doesn't require any of the existing teeth to be removed or altered in any way.

Does Your Child Gring Their Teeth At Night? The Hidden Dangers

If your child is grinding their teeth throughout the night and you feel they aren't getting a good night's rest, the problem could be their oral health. They could have an oral health condition called temporal mandibular disorder, and the sooner you get treatment for the problem the better. This is a condition where the jaw bones don't line up correctly, which causes the teeth to wear and grind together. Here are a few reasons you want to get to the dentist right away, to see if your child needs help.

To Extract Or Not To Extract: 5 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out

While some dentists routinely remove wisdom teeth in an effort to prevent potential problems, others don't like to remove them at all unless they're already causing problems. Even if your wisdom teeth are impacted, your dentist may not opt to remove your wisdom teeth. And since wisdom teeth usually don't cause many problems after you're 30 years old -- most problems occur before the age of 25 -- there normally isn't much reason to remove them later on in life.

2 Dental Conditions That Require Graft Surgery

Dentists at places like Pine Ridge Dental Group use a wide variety of treatments to try to preserve the natural structures of your mouth whether that be your teeth, gums, or jawbone. Treating these areas sometimes require surgical procedures such as grafts where another part of your body is used to make up for a weak area. Here are two dental conditions that often require graft surgery for successful treatment. Receding Gums: Gum Graft  

What Your Red Wine Habit Is Doing To Your Chompers

Red wine is delicious, so it's no wonder that Americans will choose it over white wine 58 percent of the time. However, this preference can lead to teeth becoming stained. Thankfully, drinking red wine doesn't always have to lead to a stained smile. Armed with a few tips you can prevent your teeth from taking on a purple hue. What Red Wine Does To Your Teeth It could be said that red wine is an amateur sculptor and your teeth are its chunk of marble.