Treating And Preventing Oral Thrush Related To Denture Wearing

Experiencing an outbreak of oral thrush can feel embarrassing because the condition is caused by yeast fungi. Various species of Candida yeast microbes live naturally on the skin and in the mouth, but an overgrowth in the mouth results in white spots and sore areas. In a person who wears dentures, thrush is medically called denture stomatitis. It's relatively common among denture wearers for various reasons.

Fortunately, with effective strategies, you can probably resolve the problem without too much bother and prevent it from developing again:

Denture & Mouth Care

A primary cause of thrush is not keeping dentures as clean as they should be. Clean the gum side of your false teeth daily with a soft brush and a bit of mild dish soap mixed in water. After cleaning, soak the the dentures in a disinfectant solution intended for this purpose. Then rinse the teeth and let them dry.

While your dentures are soaking, gently clean your gums with a different soft brush. 

Rinse your mouth after you eat to dislodge any food particles that might have slipped above or under the dentures. 

Another main cause of thrush involves wearing dentures nearly all the time. Avoid wearing them when you sleep. If this is an issue for you, at least keep them out of your mouth for several hours during the day. The less time you have false teeth in your mouth, the less risk you have of developing thrush.

Apply Miconazole Gel

Apply a 2-percent miconazole antifungal gel to the affected areas several times a day as directed on the label. Use the kind specified for oral use; you can buy this gel at a local drugstore or online. Wait a half an hour or more after applying the gel before you eat or drink anything.

Repeat the process for seven days. Continue for another seven days if the problem hasn't cleared up. 

Apply an Herbal Gel

Research published in 2014 discovered that a topical gel containing 2 percent Uncaria tomentosa is as effective as the 2-percent miconazole gel. Uncaria tomentosa is an herb customarily known as cat's claw. If you're interested in this item, consult an herbalist or another knowledgeable staff member at a shop that sells herbal remedies.

Avoid Using Antibacterial Mouthwash

These products not only kill harmful bacteria, they eradicate beneficial bacteria that keep yeast in check. 

Don't Smoke

If you smoke, quit. Smoking is associated with thrush outbreaks. 

See a Dentist

Make an appointment with a dentist to evaluate the fit of your dentures. Dentures that don't fit well pose a risk for thrush. It may be time for an adjustment or a new set. In addition, ask for recommendations on the best cleaning and soaking products for dentures to prevent future problems. Contact a company like to learn more.