4 Popular Dental Crowns Myths Debunked

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to dental crowns. Unknowingly, you could be harming your oral health by believing popular dental crown myths, which could be keeping you from seeking the procedure. Here are common dental crown myths and the facts. Myth: The Procedure Is Extensive and Very Painful The most common myth about dental crowns is that it is a very painful procedure. Sadly, most patients believe this and keep postponing getting their dental crowns.

Discreet Orthodontic Options For Teen Patients

If you are the parent of a teen with misaligned teeth, you may have already decided to have your child's dental misalignment corrected orthodontically. Still, your teen may be uncomfortable with the thought of wearing metal brackets on their teeth. Here are a few orthodontic options that offer treatment discretion for teen patients. Clear Plastic Aligners Clear plastic aligners are customized mouth trays that are made of rigid, transparent plastic. The trays exert aligning force on the teeth to coax them into a straight configuration.

Your Guide For Healing Dental Extractions

Sometimes, your teeth may decay or become too infected to repair, leaving dental extractions as the only remedy. After a tooth extraction, your dentist will prescribe some painkillers to help ease the pain or any discomfort.  After an extraction, you should take proper care to make the healing process more manageable. Healing after a tooth extraction can be more difficult than healing from a less invasive dental procedure, especially when you don't know how to go about it.

Treatments A Cosmetic Dentist Can Offer To Improve Your Smile

Transforming your smile is one of the best ways to increase self-confidence. But what does it take to acquire the smile of your dreams? Well, it all starts with visiting a cosmetic dentist. These professionals offer various services that can help transform your smile. When you opt for cosmetic dentistry, you'll be guaranteed a better smile and good oral health. Here are some procedures a cosmetic dentist can perform to help you look better.

3 Good Reasons For Prophylactic Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth can be the most tricky and frustrating of all types of teeth. If you are considering having your wisdom teeth removed as a prophylactic measure, there are several benefits to undergoing the procedure as soon as possible. Oral Hygiene Regardless of how well you care for your teeth, it can be almost impossible to adequately clean wisdom teeth. Since they are far back in the mouth, it can be hard to brush them enough to remove all the plaque, which will eventually lead to tartar buildup.