4 Popular Dental Crowns Myths Debunked

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to dental crowns. Unknowingly, you could be harming your oral health by believing popular dental crown myths, which could be keeping you from seeking the procedure. Here are common dental crown myths and the facts.

Myth: The Procedure Is Extensive and Very Painful

The most common myth about dental crowns is that it is a very painful procedure. Sadly, most patients believe this and keep postponing getting their dental crowns. The fact is that a dental crown procedure is done to end discomfort and pain, not to cause it.

Although getting dental crowns involves some other procedures like tooth reshaping, the process is painless thanks to modern technology. Additionally, your dentist will always administer anesthesia on the tooth to numb the working area.

Myth: After Dental Crowns, Your Tooth Will Appear Unnatural

When done correctly, your tooth will appear completely natural after a dental crown. Unless you tell someone about the procedure, they will never realize you have a dental crown. 

Tooth caps are designed to appear, feel and work similarly to a natural tooth. Unlike dentures which may be quick to note, crowns are different. After installation, the dentist works on it to match the appearance of the rest of your teeth.

Myth: Dental Crowns Can Easily Stain

Your diet and lifestyle habits can cause your teeth to stain. For example, smoking and taking too many caffeinated drinks. However, contrary to the belief, dental crowns don't easily stain. Porcelain, the material making the dental cap, is resistant to stains caused by foods or drinks. It is non-porous and doesn't allow material to pass through,

Before the procedure, your dentist will take note of your teeth shade and apply it to the porcelain cap. Since it is stain-proof, you don't need to stop consuming your favorite foods or drinks anymore to maintain it.

Myth: They Are Expensive and Only Used for Restoration

The cost of getting a dental crown will depend on different factors like the material. However, you can get dental crowns for as low as $500. Before refusing to get a dental crown due to the high cost, ask your dentist for a quote. Dental crowns are a long-term investment in your oral health that keeps on giving.

While most people believe that dental crowns are only used for restoration, they offer so much more. Other than restoring the normal functionality of your tooth, they restore your confidence and appearance. 

Book Your Dental Crown Procedure

Now that you are aware of the facts, don't shy from getting dental crowns. Improve your oral health today by booking your dental crown procedure.