5 Creative Tips For Getting Your Children To Want To Brush Their Teeth

Getting your child to brush their teeth is not the easiest thing in the world. It is a challenge in and of itself. After all, to a child, two minutes can be a long time, especially when it has to be done two times a day. However, there are a few things that you can do to amp up the fun of brushing their teeth so maybe they'll be more willing.

1. Purchase a Timer.

Some kids will get at thrill out of getting to watch the time count down when they're brushing. They can start the time before they start and watch it as they brush their teeth. There are also some really neat kid-friendly countdown apps that you can get on your smartphone.

2. Brush With Them.

Some kids may be scared to brush their teeth alone. Others may just not want to do it by themselves. So, brush your teeth together. By doing this, you will not only get to spend some quality time with your child and demonstrate quality brushing techniques, but you will make the overall experience a bit more fun for them.

3. Put on Some Tunes.

Music makes just about everything better, and oral hygiene is no different. If your child has a favorite song, they can sing along as they brush or they can even brush to the beat of the music. You can and your child can dance around together to the music as you both brush your teeth. You could even choreograph your very own tooth brushing dance!

4. Consider a Sticker Chart.

A good way to get your kids to brush their teeth is to give them some incentive to do so. Yes, healthy teeth should be enough, but it isn't for little ones. However, a small prize at the end of each week is. So, create a two-columned sticker chart and get some stickers from the store. After each brushing, allow your child to put the sticker on the chart. Then, at the end of the week, if there are two stickers on the chart for each day, you and your child can go to the store to pick out a small gift.  

5. Let Your Child Pick Their Supplies.

Take your kids to the store and allow them to select their tooth brushing supplies. Consider letting your child purchase more than just one toothbrush. This will give them a selection when it comes time to brush their teeth, which could lead to them being more willing to brush since they get to choose a different one each time.

If you're lucky, these tips will actually lead to your children asking if they can brush their teeth. If nothing else, they may at least help make the twice-daily brushing less of a chore. For more information about improving your child's dental health, contact a practice such as Round Lake Dental Clinic.