Knock Out Dental Care: Tips For Dealing With A Knocked-Out Tooth

As dental injuries go, having a tooth knocked out can be one of the most traumatic and worrisome. If you've had an adult tooth knocked out, no matter the cause, quick reaction and medical response is important. Here are a few things you should consider to preserve the tooth and increase the chances that it can be restored.

Handle The Tooth Properly

When you pick up the knocked-out tooth, hold it by the crown. Don't pick it up by the root end, because that can actually damage the roots to the point that they cannot reattach. In addition to damaging the roots, holding the tooth by the root may contaminate the root with skin oils and other particles on your fingers. This can increase your risk of infection.

Rinse The Tooth Off

If there's any chance of dirt or particles on the tooth, run it under a gentle stream of cool water to rinse it off. Don't wipe it with anything or wrap it up in anything. Putting a cloth around it may put you at risk of getting lint particles in the root.

Preserve The Tooth In Transit

You'll need to keep the tooth protected until you can get to the dentist. The best way to preserve it is to put it into a clean glass filled with milk. There are also emergency preservation kits that you can use, but most people don't keep those on hand, so milk is safest and often the most convenient.

Call Your Endodontist Immediately

Your endodontist will help you position the tooth in its original position if it hasn't been damaged too severely. The tooth will be splinted to keep it in place. Depending on how severe the damage is, the split may have to stay in place for a couple of weeks, or until the tooth has settled back into place. As with any tooth that sustains root damage, you may also be advised to plan a root canal for that tooth so that you don't risk long-term damage or infection.

As you can see, having a tooth knocked out doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to be missing that tooth indefinitely. In fact, with these tips, you'll be able to protect the tooth and potentially have it put back in place. For more tips to deal with a knocked-out tooth, talk with a dentist who specializes in endodontics today. Asking about the proper steps in advance will save you from scrambling in the event of an emergency.