Tooth Replacement For Seniors: Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

Seniors with missing teeth have several options for tooth replacement, but dental implants and dentures are two of the most promising. Here is some information to help you compare the two. 

Dental Implants Feel More Natural

If you are worried about an interruption in your daily life, dental implants may be the way to go. Since the tooth replacement is screwed directly into your jaw, it stays in line with your natural teeth. It doesn't interrupt your regular chewing and talking as much as dentures do, either. There can be a learning curve when you're first learning to work with dentures as you get used to their feeling in your mouth, and it also can drastically change the look of your smile.

Dental Implants Are Low-Maintenance

Dental implants are very easy to take care of. You can continue to brush your teeth as normal. Dentures require a bit of extra setup for proper care. You may need to establish a routine for cleaning them on a nightly basis, and you'll have to always keep track of where they are. As long as you opt for a non-removable dental implant, you'll be sure never to lose it. 

Dentures Can Be Preventative

One great thing about dentures is that they can help to prevent future dental work. You may be able to get a few dental implants now, but what if you need to get a couple more teeth removed in the next few years? This is an unaffordable proposition for some seniors. With dentures, you can circumvent the need for future tooth removals by taking them out in one fell swoop and replacing them with an apparatus that is durable and cavity-proof. 

Dentures Rely Less on Bone Density

Another benefit of dentures is that they don't depend on your bone density. As you age, osteoporosis and loss of bone density can become an issue that affects your teeth's connection with your jaw. Your dentist will need to take care to ensure there is enough bone tissue near the implant site; otherwise, the implant will be resting on unstable tissue and it may not bond correctly. You might be able to get a bone grafting procedure done beforehand to add more bone mass to the area. 

Each of these tooth replacement options has some benefits for seniors. Your dentist, like Colerain Denture Center, can help you decide which one is right for your budget and your lifestyle.