3 Reasons You Should Not Switch to a New Dentist

Most people are aware about how it is important to visit your dentist regularly, since doing so will help your teeth stay healthy and help you save money by preventing problems or finding them early. That said, you may not realize the benefits of going to the exact same dentist every time rather than switching up where you go. Consider these three reasons why it is worth staying with your current dentist.

Your Dentist Knows Your Teeth Very Well

Everyone's mouth is different, with teeth that have a different reaction to cavities, toothpastes, chemicals, and so forth. By seeing the same dentist all the time, you can take advantage of the fact that your dentist will know the little nuances of your teeth and adapt in ways to accommodate you. Going to a different dentist every time is like going to a different doctor every time and having to explain your medical history all over again so that the doctor can be aware of what to look for.

Your Dentist Watches Your Teeth over Time

When a dentist is familiar with your teeth, they'll keep a closer eye on potential problems that they know about. For example, you may have had the dentist perform dental bonding to one of your teeth. They will pay extra attention to the bond during your cleaning, making sure that it is holding up and not deteriorating.

Your dentist will also be more aware of weak spots in your teeth. These can show up during x-rays and appear to be potential cavities. A dentist that is unfamiliar with your teeth may assume the worst and start drilling and putting in a filling because they are not aware that the spot is a weak spot that has not changed over the years.

Your Dentist Can Help You Save Money

It's possible that your dentist will notice that you have remained loyal to them over the years, and you could receive a discount for being a consistent customer of their dental practice. This would offer you a direct cost savings that you will notice immediately.

In addition, seeing the same dentist each time means that you do not need to go through the standard initial examination procedures. This typically involves getting an x-ray of your mouth taken, since the new dentist will be unfamiliar with what is happening inside your teeth. Simply avoiding the cost of unnecessary x-rays will lead to cost savings in the end.

If you do not have a regular dentist, now is the perfect time to find one that is right for you. Meet with a local dentist for a consultation, and find one that you know you can depend on for years to come. Click here or keep researching online to find dentists in your area.