Temporarily Secure A Loose Filling

If a filling loosened from one of your molars and you are experiencing slight discomfort whenever you eat, a nerve in the affected tooth may be exposed. Temporarily alleviate pain until you are able to be seen by your dentist by securing the filling with the following steps. As a result, you can eat in a comfortable manner and food particles won't get stuck in the hole in your tooth.  


  • aspirin or ibuprofen
  • glass of warm water
  • mouth rinse
  • magnifying mirror
  • latex gloves
  • temporary filling repair kit
  • scissors
  • roll of gauze
  • mouth guard

Alleviate Discomfort, Rinse Your Mouth Out, And Prepare Materials

Before securing the filling, take a couple aspirin or ibuprofen with a glass of warm water to reduce pain. Use a mouth rinse to eliminate food particles that are on or next to the tooth that is causing you discomfort. Set a magnifying mirror on a table that is in a well-lit room. Wash your hands and put on a pair of latex gloves to prevent spreading germs to your mouth. 

Secure The Filling To Your Tooth

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the tip of the tube of sealer that was enclosed with the repair kit you purchased. Open your mouth while gazing into the magnifying mirror and squeeze the tube to apply an even amount of sealer around the base of the loose filling. Gently press the filling downwards with one end of the applicator until the filling bonds to your tooth.

If too much sealer is accidentally applied to the filling, use a damp piece of gauze to remove it from your tooth. Wait for the sealer to harden, according to the amount of time that is listed on the kit's instructions.

Protect The Repaired Tooth

Once the sealer has hardened, avoid using the repaired tooth to bite down on hard or chewy foods. Instead, add small amounts of soft foods to your mouth and gently bite down on them or chew with your remaining teeth.

If you are a fairly active person and participate in strenuous contact sports or are a light sleeper that often tosses and turns while gritting your teeth, place a flexible mouth guard over your teeth to prevent placing pressure on the filling and potentially loosening it. Make an appointment with a general dentist at your earliest convenience to examine the molar and replace the original filling with a new one.