Preparing Your Child For A Tooth Extraction

Your child may be nervous about visiting the dentist, particularly if he or she needs to have a tooth extracted. If your child needs to have a tooth removed, there are a few things you can do to help prepare for this visit and make it a little less stressful. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your child for this upcoming dentist's appointment.

Discuss The Procedure

Knowing what the procedure will entail can help some children to better prepare for the tooth extraction. Consider having your dentist set aside time before the appointment to walk him or her through what will happen, and explain what will be done to help prevent pain while the tooth is being removed. For younger children, it may be helpful to check out a book from the library that explains the dentist's visit with friendly pictures.

Stock Up On After-Care Supplies

Your child may experience discomfort after the tooth is removed, but you can minimize the pain by stocking up on the appropriate supplies ahead of time. When your family dentist recommends tooth extraction, ask which over-the-counter pain medications are ideal for your child. Head to the local pharmacy to purchase this medication, and stock up on ice packs too. You can find ice packs with cartoon characters on them, which can get your little one a bit more excited about caring for his or her mouth after the extraction. After-care supplies might also include ice cream and frozen treats, which can help to numb the area while giving your little one a tasty way to recover from dental work. 

Bring A Stuffed Animal

Bringing a stuffed animal to the dentist's appointment can solve a few issues. Having a favorite doll or stuffed animal can help to provide comfort during the procedure, and it can also provide a source of stress relief. Talk to your child about squeezing the doll every time he or she is scared or uncomfortable. Focusing on squeezing the stuffed animal can help to take his or her mind off of the procedure being performed. You may even be able to have the dentist perform a mock tooth extraction on the toy to help your child feel more comfortable with having the procedure done.

Your family dentist can also help your child to feel more at ease during the appointment. Be sure to discuss any anxiety your child is having about the appointment so your dentist can choose the right way to approach the appointment so your little one feels more comfortable with the tooth extraction.