Embarrassed And Self-Conscious Of Your Smile? Try These Cosmetic Corrections Now

Teeth are something that people see when you smile, talk, or anytime your lips aren't sealed shut. If your smile is giving you stress, and you want to straighten it but don't want to wear braces, it's time to get educate about your options. There are many choices for braces that don't look like braces, and that can greatly improve your confidence. You want to find a cosmetic specialist and talk about these things so that you can get the straight and beautiful smile that you wish was yours.

Clear Aligner Correction

Instead of wearing traditional wire braces, where metal brackets are bonded to the teeth and then connected wires and sometimes rubber bands, get clear aligners. These are mouthpieces that go in the mouth like a mouthguard, but are clear and thin and not easily seen.

This way you aren't self-conscious about who can see that you are correcting your smile, and you don't have to worry about burdens of traditional braces. Wires can break, food gets stuck in brackets, and there are many food limitations with braces. This isn't an issue with aligners that easily removed for eating and when needed.

Professional Whitening

The coloring and shading of your teeth may also be a reason why it looks in poor condition. Have the cosmetic specialist whiten your teeth, so they look healthy and gleaming. This will be an instant improvement while the aligners work to straighten the teeth and to make the correction of the teeth complete.

Lip Enhancements

The shape, contour, and size of your lips may also be causing you some distress about how you look, and what your smile looks like. If you are seeing a cosmetic dentist who is certified to work with injections, you may also be able to get the lips filled. This can give a fuller pout and can help to cover poor looking gums. This can also help to improve your overall appearance.

If you are tired of feeling worried that people are judging you on your smile, and you always wonder what people think when you first smile and show your teeth, it's time to get some cosmetic help. The cosmetic dentist can do what it takes to get you a smile that you are proud to show off, and that you won't have to worry about when you are meeting new people. Pick your correction option to start working towards a better smile today by contacting your local cosmetic dentistry office.