Getting Veneers? Common Questions You'll Have Following The Procedure

If you're getting ready to have dental veneers placed on your teeth, you likely have many questions regarding what will happen after the procedure is finished. Here are some common questions that people new to dental veneers have shortly after getting them.

How Long Will Your Teeth Be Sensitive?

You may notice that drinking or eating cold and hot beverages will make your teeth feel overly sensitive after getting veneers. This is a problem that is completely normal; it's due to the layer of enamel that is removed from your teeth to make the veneers fit properly. This can cause some sensitivity during those first few days after the procedure is finished.

The problem with over-sensitivity will eventually go away, usually within the first week. Your dentist may have tips to help speed up the recovery process, such as using a mouth rinse or toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Keep your dentist updated on the increased sensitivity, and they'll let you know when it's been long enough to justify a follow-up visit with them.

Will Certain Foods Stain The Dental Veneers?

Now that you have pristine-looking teeth thanks to veneers, you will want to know what foods you need to avoid to prevent the veneers from becoming stained. Thankfully, this is not a problem with dental veneers. You can go back to drinking coffee, red wine, tea, and other dark beverages that you enjoy. They won't affect the color of porcelain veneers. That said, you should still stay away from sugary beverages, since they can lead to tooth decay and are not great for your health.

Will Dental Veneers Feel Weird Forever?

Having any dental work done is going to feel weird at first, especially dental veneers. Chances are that you'll run your tongue over the veneers, and it will produce a weird feeling because it is not what you are used to feeling. The sensation may even feel overwhelming at first, since veneers are not something you can take out and go back to normal.

Know that you will eventually adjust to the sensation of having dental veneers, just like any other dental procedure you've had done in the past. Try to remember back to what a new dental filling felt like and how that sensation eventually went away as you got used to it.

Still have questions about dental veneers? Be sure you ask your dentist for more information prior to the procedure.