Emergency Dental Procedures For Objects Stuck In The Gums

Dental emergencies that include lost teeth, abscesses, and extreme amounts of pain are common and usually understood to be emergency situations. However, these sorts of things are not the only types of things that require immediate assistance. One less-than-obvious situation involves an object getting stuck between the teeth and the gums. Keep reading to learn why this is such an issue and what your dentist can do about it.

Objects Getting Stuck

If you have a bad habit of chewing on pen caps or if you simply have large gum pockets, then there is a chance that you may get a food or non-food item stuck between the gums and the teeth. And, if you cannot get the item out with a toothpick or a bit of floss, then you should be seeking immediate medical treatment for a few different reasons.

When something gets stuck around the teeth, then the gums will typically swell up in the area. The swelling can be significant enough that tissues engulf or encapsulate the foreign body. Your body will then work hard to eradicate the objects with the help of your immune system. However, this process can cause the bacteria in your mouth to become trapped as well, and an abscess formation may happen. Abscesses can lead to larger infections that may travel to the teeth and the jaw. 

Also, when an object gets stuck, the overgrowth of the gums can actually form over the teeth, causing a painful situation when you bite and chew. This requires the removal of the tissue, and it is much better to have the foreign object removed before this occurs.

What Will A Dentist Do?

Since infections are the main concern, you want to contact an emergency dentist as soon as you realize that you cannot dislodge the foreign object on your own. The professional may use tweezers to release the item, or a scalpel may be needed to move the soft tissues aside so the solid object can be found and removed.

If you have seriously trapped the object, then an X-ray may be needed to locate it. This is also a good choice as well if your dentist wants to make sure that they have successfully removed the entirety of the foreign matter. 

Once the object is removed, the area will be thoroughly rinsed to make sure the wound is as sterile as possible. Dissolvable stitches will close open wounds and you will likely need to take a short course of antibiotics or you may need to use an antimicrobial rinse for a period of time. 

For more information on emergency dental services, contact a dentist.