When Should You Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

One common dental procedure that many people have done in their late teens or early 20's is to have their wisdom teeth removed. These are the third molars that grow in the far back of your jaw, and often cause problems that require them to be removed. Here are some reasons why your wisdom teeth should be removed. 

The Tooth Erupts In An Odd Position

It's possible that the wisdom teeth will erupt from the gums, but this can happen at a very odd position that is going to cause problems with your bite once these teeth fully erupt. This can sometimes be seen in X-rays by predicting the growth path, but you may not notice the need to go to the dentist about it until these teeth start causing your pain. Your dentist may want to get ahead of it and remove the wisdom teeth before they start causing pain and discomfort. 

The Jawbone Has No Room

People that have a small jawbone may encounter a problem where there is simply not enough room for those third molars. Even if they are growing in perfectly straight, there won't be room for them in the jawbone once the teeth start to erupt. Once again, the teeth are taken out preemptively to avoid causing problems. 

The Gums Are Infected Around The Wisdom Tooth

Due to how the wisdom tooth is growing, there may be an infection in your gums that is causing bad breath, bleeding, swelling, and pain due to an infection. This is a problem that will likely continue as the tooth continues to grow, so the dentist will remove the wisdom tooth so that you feel more comfortable and are infection-free. 

The Wisdom Tooth Above Or Below Is Missing

It's possible that you do not have all four wisdom teeth growing in. Even if you have three perfect wisdom teeth, missing that fourth one can cause problems. The wisdom tooth above or below the missing one will eventually extrude from not making contact with the opposite tooth and will cause your gums to become inflamed. Your dentist will recommend removing the wisdom tooth opposite of the one that is missing to prevent that from happening. 

The Wisdom Tooth Is Completely Impacted

When a wisdom tooth is growing completely sideways underneath the gums, it will start to run into the second molar. The impaction of these two teeth can cause the second molar to become damaged, which will eventually require its removal as well.

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