3 Causes Of Dental Anxiety And Fear

Dental health plays a significant role in general well-being and quality of life. Family dental care is among the best ways to better care for your family and their overall health. Sadly, most people shy away from seeking family dental care due to dental anxiety. According to statistics, more than 75% of adults get dental anxiety. So, what causes this fear?


If you have been hesitant to visit the dentist for several years, there are high chances you might be dealing with significant dental issues. Scheduling a dentist appointment is necessary despite adhering to brushing twice a day and flossing often. Sometimes, your teeth may appear healthy, but there could be underlying issues. 

After years of not visiting the dentist, you might be embarrassed about your teeth. You might be concerned about the dentist seeing your teeth and realizing you have never been to the dentist. However, dentists don't lecture you about your past choices. They will not judge you, but instead, they will be there to help you and guide you on achieving optimal oral health.

Pain and Previous Bad Experience

When people narrate their dentist experiences, there is always a mention of pain. Pain has become a common assumption when dental care is involved. While it is natural to fear pain, you also need to have the facts right. Modern-day technological advancements offer gentle, painless, and less invasive treatment options. Thus, you shouldn't be afraid of pain.

If you have previously visited a dentist and the experience was worse than anticipated, you could develop dental phobia. However, you need to realize that different dentists have different ethics. Therefore, you can change your previous dentist and work with a dentist who takes the time and effort to ensure their patients get the best possible care. 

Not Understanding the Process

Imagining a visit to the dentist that involves sitting on a dental chair, getting an anesthetic shot, and losing control could make some people nervous. Fear of the unknown is only natural but could be overcome by understanding more about the process.

Before scheduling an appointment for dental treatment, try to understand the process as much as possible. Although online resources can come in handy, it is best to discuss the treatment with your dentist. You can be comfortable during the procedure when you know what to expect.

Work with a Reliable Family Dentist

Like children, adults too can get nervous and anxious about seeing a dentist. Working with a reliable family dentist can improve your dental experience and eliminate your fears.