Factors Affecting The Cost Of Dental Implants

Severe gum and tooth infection or an impact from accidents are common causes of tooth loss. This results in gaps in the mouth that may negatively affect your smile. Fortunately, dental implants replace the missing teeth and restore your smile. Nevertheless, dental implant surgery can be costly, and you need to create a reasonable budget. Hence, understanding the factors that influence the price of dental implants is essential to making an accurate budget. Here are the top factors that determine dental implant installation costs.

Number and Type of Implants

When you have several missing teeth, you need more dental implants to fill the gaps. Moreover, the more the implants your dentist installs, the more time they spend on the surgery. Therefore, you'll probably pay more for getting many implants. Moreover, the type of artificial teeth you select influences the cost of the surgery. For instance, porcelain dental crowns may cost more than gold crowns since they resemble natural teeth.

Choice of Dentist

Every dental surgeon that performs dental implant surgery charges special prices. Hence, get a quote from different dentists and compare the prices. Nevertheless, the prices vary depending on the complexity of the surgery and the dentist's reputation. Generally, reputable and experienced dental surgeons may charge you more for installing dental implants since they offer quality services. Additionally, some quotes may include post-surgery care expenses, increasing the quotation cost. Thus, study the quotations thoroughly and engage your dentist to get top-notch yet affordable services. Additionally, studying the quotation can help you identify hidden expenses.

Preparation Treatments

Before getting a dental implant surgery, dentists usually prepare your teeth and gums. For example, if you're experiencing severe jawbone recession, your jaw may be unable to support the dental implants. Hence, your surgeon may need to perform a bone graft. Also, if you have severe tooth decay, tooth extraction may be necessary. Unfortunately, these additional dental treatments come at an extra cost, increasing your dental implant treatment cost.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance can cover part of your dental implant installation expenses. For instance, the insurance may cover the surgical process, but you may need to pay for medication. In addition, the insurance may not pay for additional preparation services like tooth extraction. Nonetheless, not all dental insurance policies include coverage for surgery. Therefore, inquire from your dental services whether they accept insurance. If so, this can reduce dental implant surgery costs significantly.

The factors that influence the price of dental implants include preparation treatment, choice of dentist, dental insurance coverage, and the number and type of implants. Consider these factors to create an accurate budget for your dental implant surgery.

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