Are Denture Implants Right For You?

Tooth loss should never be left unaddressed because it can impact a person's ability to perform necessary daily tasks, such as biting and chewing. One of the many tooth replacement options available to patients is denture implants. Denture implants are also known as implant-supported dentures. If you're considering asking your dentist about denture implants, these facts can help you prepare:

1. Denture implants can give you an unmatched sense of security.

Traditional dentures are an easy way to solve the problem of tooth loss, but they come with some downsides. For example, traditional dentures are prone to slippage, which means they can become dislodged while eating. Denture implants can provide a firm and secure hold for your dentures, allowing you to eat sticky and crunchy foods without fear. Unlike traditional dentures, denture implants do not require fixatives to stay in place.

2. Implant-supported dentures can be used for full or partial dentures.

You don't need to be missing all of your teeth in order to take advantage of implant-supported dentures. That's because implant-supported dentures can be crafted from full or partial dentures. This allows you to receive the level of tooth replacement that you require. At a consultation, your dentist will evaluate your mouth and decide how many dental implants are required to support your dentures based on your degree of tooth loss and your oral anatomy.

3. Dentures can be fixed or removable.

Denture implants can be fixed or removable, depending on your preferences. In both cases, dental implants are placed inside your jawbone. These implants are the structures that will support whatever denture you choose. People who do not want the hassle of cleaning their dentures separately can choose to have fixed dentures permanently attached to their dental implants. If you'd rather be able to remove your dentures to wash them separately, you can choose removable dentures instead. This style of implant-supported denture can be snapped on and off your dental implants at will.

4. Implant-supported dentures offer the same benefits as traditional dental implants.

Implant-supported dentures offer many benefits that traditional dentures do not. Like other types of dental implants, implant-supported dentures promote good jaw health and reduce the risk of jawbone erosion. Denture implants can also prevent your remaining teeth from shifting when you wear your dentures regularly. Implant-supported dentures are great options for people who are concerned about the longevity of their teeth and their overall oral health.