Why It's Often Easiest To Use A Family Dentist

When you have a family, there are two approaches you can take to dentistry. You can go to a dentist who specializes in adult treatments and take your kids to a pediatric dentist. Or, everyone in the family can see a family dentist who works with patients of all ages. In most cases, you are going to be better off taking the second approach: seeing a family dentist. Here are a few reasons why this approach tends to be preferable.

Scheduling is easier.

Juggling dental appointments for three or more family members can get to be a lot, especially when you start having to pick kids up early from school to take them to appointments. That's a lot of work to take off between your own appointments and your kids' appointments. If you work with a family dentist, they often make it easy to schedule the whole family's appointments one after the other. In other words, you could take one morning or afternoon off from work, pick all of your kids up from school, and get everyone's dental cleanings and checkups done on the same day.

You'll get advice for the whole family.

Families tend to share habits when it comes to dentistry and even lifestyle elements that affect the teeth. For example, if one of you eats too much sugar, the other family members probably do as well. If one of you forgets to brush a lot, that habit may run in the family, too. When you have a family dentist who treats all of you, they can better recognize patterns with various family members' teeth and give you advice to help you address those patterns. For instance, they may advise you to cut back on sugar across the entire family's diet and give you tips to help you do so.

They can look for inherited traits and conditions.

Some dental conditions are hereditary. For example, if you have a narrow jaw, your children may end up with a similarly narrow jaw. When you all see the same dentist, that dentist will know which hereditary issues to look for in your kids based on what they see in your own mouth. These things are more likely to go overlooked if you see a different dentist than your children see.

If you can find a family dentist in your area, they are often the best practitioners to work with when you have kids. Talk with a family dentist for more information.