Subtly Correcting Teeth Misalignment: 3 Tips for Preventing Invisalign Trays from Standing Out in Photographs

When it comes down to getting a perfect smile, most Americans are interested in doing this as discreetly and subtly as possible. Invisalign trays are a better option than metal braces. Invisalign trays are so popular that they not only are used by adults to straighten teeth but also are used by 6% of all U.S. teens undergoing orthodontic treatments. Although Invisalign trays are largely unnoticeable, this article focuses on three specific tips that will keep your Invisalign trays concealed in photographs.

Avoid Standing in Front of Direct Sunlight or Really Bright Lights

Invisalign trays are ultimately made from plastic, which means that the surface of the trays will have some sort of a shine. When light reflects off of the surface of the trays, it makes the trays a lot more noticeable. When you are taking photographs, you want to avoid standing in front of direct sunlight and really bright lights. Fluorescent and natural lights are ideal, as long as you aren't standing directly in front of the light. You want to angle your face so that the light is shining from one side of your face or from over top.

Clean Trays Regularly to Prevent Food Particles from Getting Stuck on the Inner Surface of the Trays

You should clean your Invisalign trays daily not only for your own dental health but also to prevent random stray food particles from clinging onto the surface of the trays. These food particles may become quite noticeable, especially if they are located on the inner surface of the trays where the gaps between your teeth are located. Clean your trays regularly to ensure that they are as transparent as possible.

Take Photographs from a Distance

Depending on how closely you are photographed, the Invisalign trays may also be fairly noticeable. If the Invisalign trays do not fit the shape of your teeth perfectly, the trays might give off a halo effect. Any attachments or elastics that you have installed may also be rather noticeable. It's best to take photographs from a distance. Ideally, you want the camera to be at least three feet away.


Invisalign trays are rather effective, and they can quickly re-position your teeth into their correct formation and location. If you want to keep the fact that you're wearing Invisalign trays a secret even in photographs, implement the three tips mentioned above. No one will be the wiser. Talk to a company such as Goldberg Dental Group for more information.