Your Oral Hygiene Routine: At-Home Care, Dental Office Visits, And More

Do you need a new oral hygiene routine? From at-home care to a regular dental office visit schedule, take a look at the reasons to change your oral hygiene regimen and how to create a new routine right now.  What Is An Oral Hygiene Routine? As the name implies, an oral hygiene routine is regular care (a routine) that can help you to maintain your oral (teeth, gums, and mouth) cleanliness and health (hygiene).

How To Get Through A Dental Cleaning After The Pandemic Kept You At Home

The pandemic presented a special problem for people needing dental care, since sitting for a while with an open mouth while someone gets very close to your face was the last thing anyone wanted to deal with. Now, the virus is still around, but people know they have to continue getting their teeth cleaned. Many people have successfully seen their dentist without becoming sick, so that should be a good sign if you've been extra worried.

The Young Adult's Guide To The First Solo General Dentistry Exam

What should you expect from your first visit to a new general dentistry practice? Perhaps you're a young adult who is ready to go from a pediatric practice to a general dental office. If this is your first experience with a solo checkup and cleaning, take a look at what you need to know about a new patient dental visit. What Will You Need To Bring With You? Do you have dental insurance?

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Dental Implants

Severe gum and tooth infection or an impact from accidents are common causes of tooth loss. This results in gaps in the mouth that may negatively affect your smile. Fortunately, dental implants replace the missing teeth and restore your smile. Nevertheless, dental implant surgery can be costly, and you need to create a reasonable budget. Hence, understanding the factors that influence the price of dental implants is essential to making an accurate budget.

3 Causes Of Dental Anxiety And Fear

Dental health plays a significant role in general well-being and quality of life. Family dental care is among the best ways to better care for your family and their overall health. Sadly, most people shy away from seeking family dental care due to dental anxiety. According to statistics, more than 75% of adults get dental anxiety. So, what causes this fear? Embarrassment If you have been hesitant to visit the dentist for several years, there are high chances you might be dealing with significant dental issues.