Have Teeth Gaps? Selecting Between A Retainer And Dental Veneers

Have you not been happy with the look of your smile? If so, you have several cosmetic procedures to pick from that will make your smile look perfect. For an issue as simple as teeth gaps, you can use a retainer or dental veneers to fix the visible gaps in your teeth. Here are a few reasons for picking each of these two procedures:

Why Use a Retainer

Sometimes you want to fix your smile but are on a small budget. If so, a retainer will be the most affordable option to correct teeth gaps. It will be quite effective at shifting the teeth over but know that the entire process can take several months to finally see results. A retainer could also require several trips to the dentist to adjust the retainer to the shape of your mouth as the teeth shift over.

Thankfully, a retainer is an affordable and easy way to correct teeth gaps. The retainer is worn overnight and will slowly do the job it is designed to do. However, a retainer does require that you wear it as instructed. Constantly forgetting to put a retainer in at night will cause your teeth to go back to their old position.

Why Use Dental Veneers

Dental veneers will be the more expensive option, but they provide many benefits over a retainer. For starters, the results that you see with dental veneers will be instant. The porcelain shell is attached directly to your teeth, and they will immediately cover your teeth gaps with a shell that has a perfect finish to them. This is why many people decide to get dental veneers prior to big events, such as a wedding because it will ensure their teeth are in the right place in time for pictures.

It is also ideal to get dental veneers when you are trying to fix multiple issues at the same time. For instance, you may not be happy with the color or your teeth either, and dental veneers will fix the color at the same time.

The biggest downfall to dental veneers is that they will be something you need to maintain for life. The installation process involves shaving off a thin layer of enamel, which cannot be repaired on its own. You cannot simply remove the dental veneers and go back to your old teeth since new veneers will need to be applied to protect the surface of the teeth.

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