Getting Your Kids To Care About Their Teeth: Tips For You

When you have children, no matter what their age, it can get difficult to get them to slow down and take care of themselves. Showering, bathing, and brushing/flossing their teeth can get thrown to the wayside in favor of fun and play, or even homework and other activities. However, you want to make sure that you are raising children that care about their dental health. That way, they don't end up 30 with dentures because their teeth rotted away. Get to know some of the ways that you can get your kids to care about their teeth. Then, you can start implementing strategies as soon as possible with the help of a family dental professional.

Make Teeth Cleaning Rewarding

For young children, you can teach them to love brushing their teeth and flossing by making the process rewarding. This doesn't mean that they will be rewarded by clean, healthy teeth, though. This means they need to receive some kind of incentive to brush their teeth and floss. 

If you observe them brushing their teeth, give them a point on a chart. Flossing can be another point given. Have a set number of points your child needs to get in order to get a prize of some sort. This can be a material item, a trip to a fun place, or something along those lines that your child really wants. That way, they will be motivated to take care of their teeth better to start out with.

Eventually, you can wean them off of this system. Try to wait until they have earned a prize or two or they are old enough to understand the intrinsic value of brushing their teeth. 

Make Brushing Your Teeth a Game

There are a bunch of different kinds of toothpaste out there in the world. One type is colorful toothpaste that leaves color patches on parts of the teeth that were not effectively cleaned and still have residue on them.

Making brushing your teeth a game to get the colors out of their mouth can be a way to get your kids to brush their teeth more often. This can be a fun and silly way to get them more involved in their oral hygiene as seeing the colors and working to clear their mouth of them can be a good way to focus not only on regular brushing but also proper brushing techniques. 

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can get your kids to care more about their teeth, you can give them a try as soon as possible. Don't forget to schedule their next dentist appointment to check out the progress your child makes in their oral health care.